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Very good season of competition 2017/2018, to date:

- Pony 38 podiums including 22 1st place, 11 2nd place and 5 3rd place

- Club 59 podiums including 26 1st place, 17 2nd place and 16 3rd place

- Amateur 78 podiums including 65 1st place, 8 2nd place and 5 3rd place

The 2018 competition season begins brilliantly for Haras de Saint Leu

Podiums in all events

Jardy the 28th of January

Club 2: Audrey Barthoux is 3rd

Club 1: Héloïse Lecat is 2nd and Anaëlle Florentz is 3rd

Elite Club: Héloïse Lecat is 1st


Liverdy on February 11

Club 2: Justine Napoléone is 1st

Club 1: Héloïse Lecat is 1st, Robin Piot is 2nd and Cassandra Pelin is 3rd

Club Elite: Anaëlle Florentz is 1st and Emilie Caroff is 3rd


Sunday March 4th

Challenge preparation

Sunday, March 11

2nd stage of the challenge horses

Register at the secretariat.



Our first foal of the year was born JADE DE ST LEU with unusual origins BIG STAR and FELL IN LOVE Daughter of ST LEU (by VIGO D'ARSOUILLE / SANDRO BOY / QUITO OF BAUSSY)

A filly from 4 ascending world champions



Second birth of the year VERY GOOD DE TATIHOU (father: Orlando) foaled on May 1st, this is a filly named JOLIE MÔME DE ST LEU, daughter of BIG STAR world champion



Third birth of the year EURYDICE OF ST LEU Z (father: E T CRYOZOOTECH Z) in foal on May 10th, this is a filly named BELLE DE ST LEU, daughter of BIG STAR world champion




Victorine Hamiaux and Chavina Dorcel Reporter Teacher of Teachers 2019 with a triple no fault

Initiation parents of students every Thursday!


After the success of our parents' activities, we will open a class dedicated to parents on Thursday from 17h to 18h. All parents will be able to participate, once or every week, no mandatory annual registration.

Parents can sponsor their friends, adults only.

Price of the course: 30 €

On Thursday !



What a beautiful contest for our riders!


- CLUB 1 Grand Prix: Héloïse Lecat 1st (Obeldame), Anaëlle Florentz 2nd (Obeldame), Jules Marques 3rd (Reverdy Bandol), Lou Brault Marcoz 4th (victoria of Landetta), Laura Darmon 5th (Chavina Dorcel) and Juliette Barety 8th (Century Equinew Z)

- CLUB 2 Grand Prix: Jean Charles Vignole 1st (New One Bornissois), Audrey Barthoux 2nd (Ouranos), Alexandre Marques 3rd (Andy du Reverdy), Robin Piot 4th (New One Bornissois) and Alexandre Marques 5th (Tipier Palatie)


VICTORIES in CLUB 1 (Anaëlle Florentz and Obeldame), in CLUB 2 (Lou Evanno and New One Bornissois), in P1 (Marion and Ucello) and in P3 (Lila and Couscous)


CSO Club 17/09 competition by team at Jardy:

Hold on tight! Our teams have been super strong at Jardy for their first competition since the start of the 2017/2018 season:

2nd place: Annaëlle Florentz, Capuchin Helin, Celia Kerbrat and Jules Marques (Team CHATENAY 1)

3rd place: Juliette Barety, Lou Brault Marcoz, Emilie Caroff, Marine Peojan (Team CHATENAY 2)


Timetable Show jumping Pony & Club 01/10 at Haras de Saint Leu:

For those who participate or join us, here are the schedules:
- P2 / P3 reconnaissance at 10.30 am, start of the race 11.30 am
- Club 2 recognition at 13:15, start of the race 13:45
- Recognition Club 1 / Elite Club at 15:40, start of the race 16h
The contest will end around 5:15 pm

Bowl open all day. See you on Sunday !



Triple podium for the teams of Polo of Haras de Saint Leu on May 14 at the Molières at the Ile de France Championships:

Team Châtenay 1 composed of Etienne Zante, Gregory Goivier and Romain Harter wins the Elite
The Châtenay 2 team composed of Lila Guerin, Thibault Pejoan and Thierry Laurent wins the Club 1
And the Châtenay 3 team composed of Said Ait Ouaraz, Vivien Marchal and Michael Emery wins Club 3

French Championship Club at Lamotte Beuvron :

Eva Constant and Obeldame win the gold medal by signing a no-fault triple in Club1 Cadet2.

Anaëlle Florentz and Ouranos win the Silver medal by signing a triple without fail in Club1 Junior1 Excellence.

The Haras of the door of Saint Leu propose you to come to improve you during the courses organized in July and August !!!!!!!!

It is also an opportunity to spend your gallops and have fun !!!!!

July internships :

Horse level 5.6.7 and Pony level 1.2 and 3.4.5 :

  • Monday 3, Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5, Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 (morning) July.

 Horse Level 2.3.4 and Pony Level 1.2 and 3.4.5 :

  • Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th (morning), Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, and Wednesday 19th July.


August internships :

Pony level 1.2 and 3.4.5 :

  • Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 (morning) August.

Nice month of April for the jumper of CSO 4 ° which enchainent the podiums:

Natacha Heckly and Ouranos win Grand Prix 1m05 April 02 in Liverdy
Justine Iseni and Obeldame win the special stage 1m10 of 09 April at Liverdy
Natacha Heckly and Ouranos win the Grand Prix 1m05 from 09 April at Liverdy
Antoine Barthélémy and Victorie de Landetta win the stage 1m05 of 16 April in Marolles
Natacha Heckly and Ouranos arrive 2nd in the Grand Prix 1m10 of 16 April in Marolles

The year 2017 starts very well for the jumper of CSO (4th, 5th and pony) of Haras de Saint Leu which are classified on all their tests :

The 5 ° CSO team wins all its events at Boissy sous St Yon on March 26, 2017 :

The same weekend, the CSO pony team climbs on the podium of the P1 event at Haras des Côtes :

The Chatenay polo teams won 1st and 4th place in Club Elite and Club 1 Open in Monteclin on March 19th, 2017 :

Memories of the pony challenge of March 12, 2017 :


Since the beginning of the 2017 season, the teachers of Haras de Saint Leu have signed 36 without mistakes on the competition grounds :

Without mistakes on 1m30 :

Playful du Reverdy

Venivici de Beaufour

Virtuel du Monteil

Vitez Chrome

Without mistakes on 1m20 :

Ace du Reverdy

Asterix Manciais

Without mistakes on 1m10 :

Call Me Casall

Very Good de Tatihou

Biba de Beaufour


The Haras of the Porte de St Leu win at Jardy on 20/11/2016, the GP 1m10 !

Our polos are coming soon !

Two teams on the first and second step of the podium at the Jardy Horse Day on Sunday 18 September 2016 !


Come discover our new horses !

  • Caid de Beaufour

  • Canada de Beaufour

  • Chavina Dorcel

  • Charlie du Reverdy


French Championship at Lamotte Beuvron :

Anaëlle Florentz and Obeldame win the Bronze medal by signing a no-fault triple in Club2 Cadet2 Premium.

Jonathan Bouchiere and Habeas are 9th out of 71 at Club2 Senior Excellence.


CSO Jardy 5/06/16

The Haras de Saint Leu is double departmental champion with Carla Michel and Ourana in Club 1 and Elite.

Morgan Lambert signs a no-fault triple with Venivici de Beaufour (130 cm), Gold Medal at the Teachers' Masters 2016!

CSO Fontainebleau 8/05/16

The Haras de Saint Leu is a double regional champion with Carla Michel and Ourana as well as Jules Marques and Pacy in Club 1.

CSO Liverdy 27/03/16

Full cardboard for club riders and their horses who rank from first to 10th place in the Club 1 event.


MEMORY OF THE 2014 CLUB FESTIVAL: Margaux and Texas cross the bar at 1m85!



* Sunday March 20th, 2016 *

The riders of the pony team, were successful when they left at the ACBB.

Hugues Kowal wins the P2 Grand Prix and the St Leu Stud class until 9th ​​/ 22nd.


* Friday, March 11th, 2016 *

Morgan is without mistakes in Preparatory 125 with Venivici de Beaufour and Virtuel du Monteil.

And without mistakes in the preparatory 115 with Playful Reverdy, Margaux and Pacy are also without fault in this event.










* Friday, March 4, 2016 *

Morgan finishes at the 3rd place / 13 of the Grand Prix 125 of Liverdy with Venivici de Beaufour, and also signs two pretty flawless with Virtuel du Monteil and Playful du Reverdy.


Attila from St Leu, Andy from Reverdy and Obeldame start the season!

Attila de St Leu finishes 1st of the Special 110 and Andy of Reverdy finishes 8th of the same event.














The following weekend (March 6th, 2016), at the Haras de Jardy, the mare Obeldame wins on 67 starters in the Special 105 and finishes 2nd / 56 place of the Grand Prix 110.

Since the resumption of competitions after the winter break, the horses and ponies of Haras de Saint Leu are on all the podiums ...






The Haras of the Porte de St Leu win at Jardy on 25/10/2015, GP 1m, 1m05 and 1m10!




Two teams on the podium during Jardy's Horse Day




Departmental Championship of Jardy: 4 Departmental Champions!

  • Maud Vacon in CSO Club Elite

  • Lola Mettout in CSO Club 2 (19 - 26 years old)

  • Coralie Hachnel in CSO Club 1 (18 years old and -)

  • Gregory Plassais in CSO Club 1 (27 years and older)




Two French Champion teams and one Vice-Champion of France at the Lamotte Beuvron Grand Tournament













Clara Fabius triples without a fault, Gold Medal at the 2015 Teachers' Masters














Lila Guérin regional champion of CSO Club 1 (17 - 18 years old)

The Haras de Saint Leu is open all summer for owners, with additional benefits:

  • Classic Pensuin

  • Work pension

  • Marketing, freedom, work of your horse, ...

  • Solarium

Come discover our new horses :

  • Biba de Beaufour

  • Playful du Riverdy

  • Boston de Beaufour

  • Andy du Riverdy

  • Bandol du Riverdy

  • Ace du Riverdy


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