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We offer packages for the duration of the school year. Sessions are weekly to date and at a fixed time. The duration of the lessons is one full hour, and one and a half hours for the courses competitions, it requires your presence half an hour before and after the session.

The annual package includes 44 sessions (all sessions are catch-up).

The teaching in the courts corresponds to the level of the "galops" federal gallop 1 gallop 7.






Ponies Course

  • CSO Shetland Course

  • CSO Course

  • Course "Mosquitoes", for children from 4 years to 6 years.

  • Pony-Games

  • Horse-Ball


Horse Courses

  • Beginner course reserved exclusively for adults

  • Confirmed adult courses

  • Hope CSO course and "young horses"

  • CSO Club Course

  • CSO Course Amateur

  • Dressage Course

  • Specific outdoor riding lessons


The 5th category competitions (dressage and obstacles) are open to registration (from gallop 5) with the agreement of the instructor (Margaux or Morgan).


We accept children from 4 years old.

Registrations are possible all year long.


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