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Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 9am !



In order to save time during your registration, here is some information to allow you to complete your file.


  • Choose your resume using the schedule. Be careful, the schedule indicated does not take into account the preparation time of your horse or pony. In addition, the number of riders per recovery is limited to 12, we can not promise you a place ...

       Do not hesitate to consider an alternative solution !


  •  Fill in the top part of the registration form.


  • Prepare your payment. You can leave us up to 11 checks (to be issued at the order of Haras de Saint Leu). Remember to indicate on the back of each check the date of collection desired. For people whose EC we pay directly we must leave a deposit check. Remember to mark it very legibly on the back of the check !


  • The first check will include the license, cancellation option and membership fee.


  • The day of registration there is more to check the availability in the recovery of your choice and leave us your file in good standing.


The forms to be completed are available at the secretariat and the Club House.

Do not hesitate to get one to save time on the day of your registration.


More information at



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