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In 2017, the Stud Saint Leu reform a new team of Horse-Ball with the former coach of the German national team, who is none other than our teacher Xavier Eninger.

With a horse-ball record as prestigious as that of our teacher, Xavier Eninger, we could not wait any longer to re-open a Horse-Ball team. The proof :
  • 1992: Champion of France Cadet

  • 1993: Junior French Champion

  • 94: Junior Inter-League: French Champion / French Champion 3rd Division

  • 1995: French Champion 2nd Division

  • 96: French Champion in 2nd Division96 : Champion de France en 2e division

  • 97: French Vice Division 2nd Division

  • 98: 5th of France in 1st division

  • German national team coach: European Cup in 1994 in Portugal, 1995 in Belgium, 1996 and 1997 in Italy.

So if you want to try the adventure, to try to pull the ball from his hands, call our secretariat or visit us !

See you soon on the competition grounds  :D

So if you want to be part of this explosive team, participate in contests with the colors of victory, to be trained by a cador of Polo Xavier ENINGER, come see us!
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